Day No.30 – A New Addition


It’s been a week since I’ve updated the blog, given that the whole front room was turned upside down to make room for a small library wall. Lots of wonderful books with subjects including steam engines, thermodynamics, chemistry, refrigeration, brick laying, gear cutting, clockmaking, electroplating, heating, gem prospecting, metallography, gemology, history, and lexicography. Once the room is finished, I will post some photos of the library wall, but in the mean time here are a few of the books.

I am happy to announce, it looks like I will be ready to begin sorting the back room by mid next week! You can expect daily posts once again.


Here are some of the objects from this week’s finds:

Antique milling machine

Antique milling machine

Antique lathe

Antique lathe

Handcrafted piercing saws

Handcrafted piercing saws


A peek inside the newly organized display case


Loose collets finally organized



Stones new in their box

New stones still in original boxes

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