Estate Auction

Hi all - if you missed out on the Harmon Estate sale - you can still get in on the action! Cabin Fever took over the estate when I returned to Seattle last year. They have been slowly selling the inventory over the months following the sale in June of 2014. BUT! They have saved [...]

Day No.30 – A New Addition

It's been a week since I've updated the blog, given that the whole front room was turned upside down to make room for a small library wall. Lots of wonderful books with subjects including steam engines, thermodynamics, chemistry, refrigeration, brick laying, gear cutting, clockmaking, electroplating, heating, gem prospecting, metallography, gemology, history, and lexicography. Once the room [...]

Day No. 20 – HB

It's been a bit of a slow week getting through all of the bench drawers, each filled to the brim with beautiful tools. Old ebony and ivory handles on files, hand removers, gravers, hair spring tools... Each piece seems crafted with care, so unique, the mark of the maker so evident.   Today I found [...]