Brittany Nicole Cox

Angelsey Abbey's Pagoda Clock

My name is Brittany Nicole Cox; some people call me Nico. I am an Antiquarian Horologist,  which is a fancy way of say “specialized mechanic”. More specifically, I am watch and clock maker that specializes in new making and the conservation and restoration of automata and mechanical musical objects.

Automata can include flowers, figures, animals, birds and more – made movable through gear combinations. Mechanical musical objects can include music boxes, barrel organs, and larger objects such as clock tower carillons with massive bells. I also work with complicated clocks and watches including musical mechanisms or automata.

I find it difficult to give an answer when someone asks me how I found my calling, but I always come to the following conclusion: I had no choice in the matter! I feel like a magician or doctor bringing inanimate objects to life: birds that sing! Monkeys that dance! Tigers that roar!   Just to name a few.

I feel extremely privileged to have the opportunity to bring a little magic into everyday life, and be part of this extraordinary world where so many wonderful things happen in every moment. Thank you for visiting my blog – I hope you’ll find some magic in these pages too.

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  1. Aloha Nico,
    What a great piece about you and your work. It’s great to see this work being done outside of Switzerland; especially in the USA. I’ve spent many hours at the IMH museum in La Chaux de Fonds staring at their collection- I agree: it’s the original AI. I created the worlds smallest atomic clock but I’m isolated here on Kauai. I really wish I had someone like you to collaborate with and get help with the difficulties of building such tiny machines by hand. I’d love to speak with you further if you have a chance. All the best and please keep these treasures alive!


    • Hi John, Thank you! It’s been a long journey, but I feel extremely privileged to work with the objects I do. They have the most wonderful objects that collection! I’d love to see your atomic clock! Feel free to write me an email at to talk about your projects!


  2. Thank you for what you do! I recently became fascinated with automatons (and have always had an interest in antique clocks). They are indeed magical transformations of inanimate objects made to mimick living things so beautiful. I also love the old ways of how things were made, old tools and traditional techniques. What you do is truly unique and inspiring. What a great way to reconnect with the past. If I were to be a mechanic, I would want to be a 17th century mechanic like you!


    • Thank you so much for the very kind words! I really appreciate it. I’m so glad we share these interests – please stay engaged and curious with horology! The world is a beautiful place.


  3. My dad started working on clocks as a hobby while he was in Germany. Some years later he got me interested, and I learned how to repair/fix mantle and wall clocks. I saw the recent video posted. You are really AWESOME.


    • Thank you so much Michael! I’m so glad you grew up knowing these things. They are precious and the world needs stewards!


  4. Brittany,

    I saw your story on CNN. Fantastic! My son is going to college to become a mechanical engineer and I plan to share with him.

    PLEASE keep up the great work.

    All the best,



  5. My grandfather taught me to work with my hands in his shop and now I work on helicopters. I admire the work you do and would love to see you work I. Your shop for a month. Your work is too cool .


    • Thanks so much for the kind words! I love stories like this – how wonderful that you went on to work on helicopters!


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