Brittany Nicole Cox

Angelsey Abbey's Pagoda Clock

My name is Brittany Nicole Cox; some people call me Nico. I am an Antiquarian Horologist,  which is a fancy way of say “specialized mechanic”. More specifically, I am watch and clock maker that specializes in new making and the conservation and restoration of automata and mechanical musical objects.

Automata can include flowers, figures, animals, birds and more – made movable through gear combinations. Mechanical musical objects can include music boxes, barrel organs, and larger objects such as clock tower carillons with massive bells. I also work with complicated clocks and watches including musical mechanisms or automata.

I find it difficult to give an answer when someone asks me how I found my calling, but I always come to the following conclusion: I had no choice in the matter! I feel like a magician or doctor bringing inanimate objects to life: birds that sing! Monkeys that dance! Tigers that roar!   Just to name a few.

I feel extremely privileged to have the opportunity to bring a little magic into everyday life, and be part of this extraordinary world where so many wonderful things happen in every moment. Thank you for visiting my blog – I hope you’ll find some magic in these pages too.

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