Day No.70 – Starting the Basement

This time around, I’ve decided to post some before pictures of the basement. These photos are comparable to the state of the upstairs area when I arrived here – although the downstairs served as a storage for extra machinery and supplies. So far I’ve discovered Schaublin 70 lathes & accessories, 102 lathes & accessories, watchmakers lathes, Hauser equipment, lapping machines, centerless grinders, overhead drive systems, flash bulbs, radio tubes, portable transformers, steam gauges, surplus Bulova equipment and more. I have a lot of work ahead of me, so it may take me some time to handle requests and make an inventory. Here are some photos from this week:

P1140499 P1140508 P1140505 P1140501 P1140522 P1140494 P1140512 P1140509 P1140525 P1140526 P1140511 P1140519

The Oakville Pinshop – an update

Dear readers –

Some of you may remember the post I did about the Oakville Pin Shop shortly after my arrival here in Connecticut. You can revisit this part of the Harmon story here.

The three trailers that were kept at the shop have now been unloaded and the contents relocated to a separate site – all of which will be for sale. Dennis’s daughter has started a blog about this process. With knowledge as vast as her father’s in her field, the blog will be a pleasure to read as she takes us through more of the history behind the Harmon family and the treasures they kept.

Shop news:

All went well with the installation of the new furnace and things are progressing at the shop. Over the break I was able to do a bit more work on the Etsy shop, which is now up and running. Take a look.

One Week Hiatus

Dear readers – we are on a one week break from work at the shop while a new furnace is being installed. Temperatures are below freezing – snow and ice abundant. In the meantime I’ll be able to work on answering requests for information. So – until next week !

Here are some photos of ice and snow from around the area. The first was taken from the window outside the house during a recent snow storm.



Day No.54 – A Demagnetizer to End All Demagnetizers

We’ve been a bit swamped here with requests for information, opening the new ETSY shop and filling orders! BUT! there have been many new discoveries. Such as another amazing demagnetizer, a beautiful antique bench vise by Bleckmann, and a very peculiar escapement drawing.P1140405 P1140414 P1140355 P1140338

P1140443 P1140445P1140493

Day No.48 – SNOW

We were hit with quite the snow storm yesterday. Today’s venture to the shop found the mailbox buried in 3 feet!


Nevertheless, some progress was made in the back room. The soldering stations, blacksmithing tools, casting & welding tools, and kilns are finally sorted out.

P1140232 P1140233 P1140234 P1140229 P1140230

Another interesting find today: 2 incredibly heavy unopened bottles of super refined mercury worth around $2,000. I love my job.