Day No.70 – Starting the Basement

This time around, I've decided to post some before pictures of the basement. These photos are comparable to the state of the upstairs area when I arrived here - although the downstairs served as a storage for extra machinery and supplies. So far I've discovered Schaublin 70 lathes & accessories, 102 lathes & accessories, watchmakers [...]

One Week Hiatus

Dear readers - we are on a one week break from work at the shop while a new furnace is being installed. Temperatures are below freezing - snow and ice abundant. In the meantime I'll be able to work on answering requests for information. So - until next week ! Here are some photos of [...]

Day No.48 – SNOW

We were hit with quite the snow storm yesterday. Today's venture to the shop found the mailbox buried in 3 feet! Nevertheless, some progress was made in the back room. The soldering stations, blacksmithing tools, casting & welding tools, and kilns are finally sorted out. Another interesting find today: 2 incredibly heavy unopened bottles of [...]