Portrait by Olga Abramson.
From CNN’s Great Big Story, 2017

Memoria Technica is owned and operated by Brittany Nicole Cox, also known as Nico. She is an Antiquarian Horologist, which is another way of saying “specialized mechanic”. More specifically, she is a clock- and watchmaker who specializes in the conservation and restoration of antique automata and mechanical music objects.

Her lifelong passion for horology has seen her through nine years in higher education where she earned her WOSTEP, CW21, and SAWTA watchmaking certifications, two clockmaking certifications, and a Masters in the Conservation of Clocks and Related Dynamic Objects from West Dean College, UK. She opened Memoria Technica in 2015. Her original work has been shown at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York and she is currently working on a manuscript to be published by Penguin Press.


What We Do

The workshop currently serves as a venue for Nico to teach classes in engine turning, make original works, and practice the conservation and restoration of antique horological objects.


Learn about the Harmon Estate and antique horological equipment, stay up to date on class news, read articles on conservation, and more through the workshop blog. The archives reach back to 2013.

Our Classes

Nico is able to offer an array of levels in engine turning classes. One-on-one tutoring is available for engine turning and special subjects.

Lecture Series

The 2018 Horological Lecture Series was a well received passion project. In an effort to share more about this critically endangered craft, Nico organized a series of lectures on obscure facets in horology including magic, ornamental turning, the goldsmith, and more. We are currently seeking sponsorship to continue the series.

Experience & Origin

Original Work

Nico’s original work has been exhibited at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York.

Curriculum Vitae

People often ask how I acquired my skills. I did not have a road map, but had to forge this path myself by completing nine years of training.

Artist Statement

Nico’s work explores the relationship between time and the sublime with a focus on critically endangered craft practices.


Memoria Technica is much more than a conservation studio. Some day Nico hope’s to open a small working museum and library that hosts lectures, mechanical magic shows, has artists in residence, and teaches classes with a fully operational conservation studio on site. If you’d like to support us in this endeavor, please get in touch.

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