Memoria Technica is owned and operated by Brittany Nicole Cox, also known as Nico. She is an Antiquarian Horologist, which is another way of saying “specialized mechanic”. More specifically, she is a clock- and watchmaker who specializes in the conservation and restoration of antique automata and mechanical music objects. She was featured in the above video by CNN’s Great Big Story in 2017.

She is fascinated by magical automata used and made by magicians of old, and one day hopes to own an antique mechanical peacock that can pull an ace from a deck of cards.

One of her most challenging & favorite projects was covered here by Lynn Levy at Radiolab. You can also read about some of her other projects here.

She is also the author of The Automata Cabinet blog, a space where she catalogues some of her horological ventures.

Her original work explores the relationship between time and the sublime and emphasizes the importance of historic craft practices. She lives in Seattle Washington. Please click here to view her CV.

Portrait of Brittany N. Cox by Olga Abramson.