Brittany Nicole Cox

Antiquarian Horologist, Proprietor

Brittany Nicole Cox owns and operates Memoria Technica. Her workshop includes a collection of machines from the original Bulova watchmaking factory. Both her Lienhard rose engine and straightline machine were Bulova residents. She is thrilled to be able to share this heritage craft.

David Lindow

Master Clockmaker, Lindow Machine Works

David Lindow is a specialist in ornamental and engine turning, as well as a master clockmaker. His workshop fabricates two modern rose engines: the MADE Ornamental Rose Engine and the Lindow Rose Engine Lathe. This work has made David an invaluable international resource for enthusiasts and engine turners alike.

Phillip Peck

Master Goldsmith & Watchmaker

With over thirty-five years of experience, Phillip fabricates everything from miniature resonating bells, musical pocket watch mechanisms, and masterworks of jewelry, to other horological objects.

Bill Brinker

Master Goldsmith, Engine Turner, & Artist Jeweler

Bill Brinker is a custom and manufacturing jeweler, specializing in engine turning and fine enamel work. His independent workshop is located in Colorado at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. He was one of a select few craftsmen who worked in the Zadora firm.

Current Classes

All classes at Memoria Technica are hosted or taught by founder Brittany Nicole Cox. Occasionally, she is able to bring together experts in the field to develop unique classes.

Beginner’s Engine Turning

Tutor: Brittany Nicole Cox ($550) + $25 materials fee | Limited to 4 Students | 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

This two day class provides students with a basic understanding of engine turning and simple pattern development. Students leave with a set of 5 brass guilloché medallions with different patterns. More materials are available and are pay-as-you-go. Whether students are looking into watch dials, jewelry, or are just curious about guilloché work in general, this class offers a good foundation and prepares one for Intermediate classes. This class is taught on a Lienhard Rose Engine and Straighline Machine from the Bulova watchmaking factory.

Engine Turning II

Tutor: Brittany Nicole Cox ($650) + $25 materials fee | Limited to 4 Students | Pre-requisite Beginner’s Engine Turning | 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

This two day class is designed for those with a rudimentary knowledge of engine turning or guilloché work.  Learn how to integrate divergent patterns, work with borders, lay out work that requires more than one center, dial in surfaces, and other advanced concepts. Whether you are interested in making watch dials, jewelry, pens, or decorative arts this class will further your understanding and skills. The projects will vary depending on the students interest. This class allows the use of an elliptical chuck and other attachments. Each student will leave with at least one completed project, such as a writing pen or ring. Different materials are available and are pay-as-you-go. This class is taught on two resident Lienhard engines from the Bulova watchmaking factory.

Engine Turning III

Tutors: Brittany Nicole Cox ($650) + $25 materials fee | Limited to 6 Students | Pre-requisite Beginner’s Engine Turning + Engine Turning II | 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

This class picks up where Engine Turning II left off and advanced projects begin to take shape. You’ll learn how to dial in a flat surface, machine set up, and have the opportunity to use a Hauser Jig borer, Schaublin lathes, and a lathe mounted microscope to layout and execute your patterns and projects. Students have engine turned watch movements and made complex dials with chapter rings and more in this class. This class is taught on three machines, the two resident Lienhard engines and a Lindow rose engine.

Transparent Enameling on Guilloché

Tutors: Bill Brinker & Brittany Nicole Cox ($1200) + $125 materials fee | Limited to 6 Students | 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

This is a four day intensive class where students will execute engine turned patterns on fine silver that they will then finish with transparent enamel. Beginner’s Engine turning is recommended, but not required. The first two days will cover engine turning on fine silver with patterns executed on both the straightline machine and rose engine. Each student will receive 6 pieces of 1.25″ 20 gauge fine silver discs in the materials fee, but more discs will be available for purchase. The enameling portion of the class taught by Bill Brinker on days three and four will begin with a presentation covering theory, safety, materials and pitfalls, as well as a demo about disc preparation with polishing, doming, cleaning and bolt holes for appliqués. Students will learn how to screen, wash, and dry thier enamels. From there we will cover application, including klyr-fire options and technique, sifting, leveling, and drying. Practice will move to kiln supports, a firing demo with times and temperatures and number of firings to achieve desired colors and outcomes. Once students have done their first coats of enamel, Bill will show us how to stone/grind the enamel between coats and how to fill bubbles. The class will conclude with students learning how to apply the final finish on their enameled pieces. Students will leave with several finished enameled pieces of guilloché.

Turning to Borders

Intermediate | Tutors: Brittany Nicole Cox + Phillip Peck ($900) + $65 materials fee | Limited to 6 Students | Pre-requisite Beginner’s Engine Turning | 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

In this special two-day class with Master Goldsmith and watchmaker Phillip Peck, you will learn techniques used in the manufacture of watch dials, cases, and escutcheons through the use of stops and cutting to borders. Students will use both the straightline machine and rose engine to cut complex geometric patterns around engraved chapter rings, shields, banners, and other shapes. Students will learn how to create a “field” within their engine turned pieces, as well as the technique of hand and machine trimming. Each student will be supplied with 5 sterling silver discs, 20 gauge in thickness and 1 1/2″ in diameter. Beginner’s engine turning is suggested as a pre-requisite for this class.

Let us know beforehand of any special material requests you have so we can accommodate your interests.

Take a class with us?

Brittany taught me and 3 other students in guilloché at her workshop. She was very prepared and very comfortable teaching us. It was clear that she enjoyed teaching us too. She wanted us to know how to utilize the machines in the way that keeps them in the best condition and how to get the most out of them. She also encouraged experimentation in the styles of guilloché. There is no better place to take your next class.”

Jeff Liles, Watchmaking Student 2018