Recent Press

Hey there! I try to share a bit about exactly what it is I do in my niche corner of the world, so to that end I often participate in interviews and public outreach. This page usually stays updated with the latest.

For a full list of press and interviews, please see my CV.

National Geograhpic Workshop Feature | February 2021

This was a childhood dream come true. After the difficult year of 2020, it was surreal to be featured in my all time favorite publication. This magazine was a foundation of my childhood. I would spend hours flipping through its pages, taking in the many events and places that shape our world. It is strange and amazing to have my work recorded in an issue that sheds light on the destructive power of viruses like Covid-19, but also how life as we know it would be impossible without them. Truly life is a balance. I have had many failures and hurdles along the way, but bright spots like this remind me that the work is worth it. I feel so grateful and humbled.

HODINKEE – 10 Questions

I got a chance to chat with Hodinkee’s Cole Pennington about some of my favorite things. You can check out the interview using the link below.

On a personal note, I was super chuffed I was referred to as “the Queen of automata”.

Live on Seattle’s New Day Northwest

Local author Emily Freidenrich and I were interviewed on Seattle’s New Day Northwest about her book Almost Lost Arts. It features artisans around the world practicing critically endangered crafts.

On Haute Horology

I recently did a two part interview with Haute Horology’s Cait Bazemore. We talk conservation, heritage, materials, and more.