Day No.22 – Half & Half

The front room is so dense with tools, equipment, and instruments, that in the time spent here I have only just finished the left side of the room. It is 1,000sq feet.

This next week I will be focusing on the library, and the machining side of the front room. Here are some photos of a couple of this week’s finds and organizational efforts. One such find was the long sought after Ingold Fraise.

The Ingold Fraise
The Ingold Fraise

P1120842 P1120865 P1130398 P1130402

4 thoughts on “Day No.22 – Half & Half

  1. Take it easy and enjoy the journey.This is a once in a lifetime job and you should be able to enjoy each day of it.Like opening a time capsule from the past generation.

    1. HI Michael,

      I am definitely enjoying it, but whew! It can be a bit overwhelming, in the best way. Yes, it is a once in a life time opportunity and I am grateful for every gritty moment of it.

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