Day No.70 – Starting the Basement

This time around, I’ve decided to post some before pictures of the basement. These photos are comparable to the state of the upstairs area when I arrived here – although the downstairs served as a storage for extra machinery and supplies. So far I’ve discovered Schaublin 70 lathes & accessories, 102 lathes & accessories, watchmakers lathes, Hauser equipment, lapping machines, centerless grinders, overhead drive systems, flash bulbs, radio tubes, portable transformers, steam gauges, surplus Bulova equipment and more. I have a lot of work ahead of me, so it may take me some time to handle requests and make an inventory. Here are some photos from this week:

P1140499 P1140508 P1140505 P1140501 P1140522 P1140494 P1140512 P1140509 P1140525 P1140526 P1140511 P1140519

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