The Oakville Pinshop – an update

Dear readers –

Some of you may remember the post I did about the Oakville Pin Shop shortly after my arrival here in Connecticut. You can revisit this part of the Harmon story here.

The three trailers that were kept at the shop have now been unloaded and the contents relocated to a separate site – all of which will be for sale. Dennis’s daughter has started a blog about this process. With knowledge as vast as her father’s in her field, the blog will be a pleasure to read as she takes us through more of the history behind the Harmon family and the treasures they kept.

Shop news:

All went well with the installation of the new furnace and things are progressing at the shop. Over the break I was able to do a bit more work on the Etsy shop, which is now up and running. Take a look.

2 thoughts on “The Oakville Pinshop – an update

  1. Hello,
    How will the items from the trailers be sold? Do you have prices on the other tools that you have listed? Did you sell the jig bore and attachments?
    Dean Sarnelle
    Staunton VA

    1. Hi Dean,

      The family is setting up a separate sale for the items in the trailers – you can contact them through the the link I posted from Dennis’s daughter. I am still putting together a catalogue of the shop contents. The Jig borer & attachments has been sold. The catalogue will be available once I have finished going through the shop.

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