Day No.48 – SNOW

We were hit with quite the snow storm yesterday. Today’s venture to the shop found the mailbox buried in 3 feet!


Nevertheless, some progress was made in the back room. The soldering stations, blacksmithing tools, casting & welding tools, and kilns are finally sorted out.

P1140232 P1140233 P1140234 P1140229 P1140230

Another interesting find today: 2 incredibly heavy unopened bottles of super refined mercury worth around $2,000. I love my job.


2 thoughts on “Day No.48 – SNOW

  1. The first picture of the shop in the snow has such a peculiar ambiance. I find some Hopper in there, I love the colors and the quite silent, funny atmosphere, a bit spooky too, and as if it was a fainting picture coming from a dream !

    Also, I cannot believe it has been almost 50 days you are in there. Time flies !

    1. I know – time really does fly! ironic….

      The setting seems out of a strange film sometimes…
      Wish you were here!

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