Day No.48 – SNOW

We were hit with quite the snow storm yesterday. Today’s venture to the shop found the mailbox buried in 3 feet!


Nevertheless, some progress was made in the back room. The soldering stations, blacksmithing tools, casting & welding tools, and kilns are finally sorted out.

P1140232 P1140233 P1140234 P1140229 P1140230

Another interesting find today: 2 incredibly heavy unopened bottles of super refined mercury worth around $2,000. I love my job.


Day No.33 – Snow day

It was too snowy to drive this morning, so I hoofed it to the shop. Only two miles, but at 7 degrees Fahrenheit and a 10 mph wind chill, I found myself quite thankful for the 60 degree temperature in the shop. Today I started on the back room of the first floor. It’s not as dense as the front room, so I hope it won’t take as long. Dennis used this part of the shop for plating, casting, soldering, welding, polishing, finishing, and grinding. There is also a nice laboratory area with fume cupboards and lab glass.

Here are a few photos from this afternoon:


Collection of antique thermometers in original boxes



P1130562 P1130565 P1130572