Advanced Engine Turning

Hi All! So we finally finished up the last of our engine turning classes this month. It was great fun seeing how the student work developed over the sessions, as many students enrolled in more than one. With more complex projects, students singled in on a specific idea. A lot of time was spent making sure surfaces were dialed in flat and true. Students worked in silver, copper, and other materials. Here are the results!


David and I want to say thank you to all of our students and the support! We’re already planning our next series of classes and look forward to meeting our future attendees!

Until next time!


7 thoughts on “Advanced Engine Turning

  1. Any of Brittany’s students need ornamental turning equipment? I have lathes by Fenn, Munro, and Holtzapffel and a good assortment of apparatus for sale. You can contact me to let me know your wants at

  2. Greetings Nicole,
    I’m a student in my country of Malaysia in the South East Asia region. I become quite inspired by your video in the youtube channel Great Big Story.
    If i may, i would like to ask where i should start to reach your level of expertise and where are the best places in the world to learn this craft.

    1. Hi there! That’s wonderful – it really all depends on what exactly you would like to do. Unfortunately there is not one place you can go to learn the many facets in horology. If you’d like to learn watchmaking I would look at the WOSTEP program in Neuchatel. If clockmaking is your interest I would look at West Dean College in the UK. I hope this helps. There is also a list of resources on the sidebar of my blog you may find useful.

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying the photos! Wish you and Grandpa could come visit some time.

  3. Hi Brittany, Looks like a very successful set of classes. Congrats to you and david.—-AC

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