Horology is Hot

Really… I know that sounds kind of like a buzzword… but horology is hot! People are engaged with horology, cultural heritage and preservation right now! And it’s awesome! I am so excited that friends and colleagues are getting so much attention.

My favorite object in the world (!!) is headed to London to be featured in a new exhibition on Robots!


The clockmakers museum also moved to a new gallery at the Science Museum in London. Now folks visiting the Science Museum will have the exposure to a collection that holds such an incredible and rich history for horology. It’s all such wonderful news and momentum for our field.

And to top it off, Atlas Obscura just published on article on yours truly….you can read it here!


Let’s keep it going! Get involved! Be engaged! Study! Create! Explore! You know where to reach me if you need a push.



2 thoughts on “Horology is Hot

  1. So true and wonderful! Congrats on a great article in the Atlas Obscura.
    and I’ll see you at the AIC conference this May–apparently you and West Dean are helping with the poster sessions. Horology will be represented there as my poster has been accepted.
    cheers–horology IS hot!

    1. Thanks so much Mostyn! It will be great to see you at AIC! I’m looking forward to seeing your poster and catching up.

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