MADE in the Making

If you’ve been reading my blog then you’ll have encountered photos of the gorgeous MADE Ornamental Rose Engine by David Lindow. Well… there’s now a website with tons of incredible photos of the lathe and the process – a brochure(!) – and the whole story of its creation. Check it out! Here’s a recent post they did showing photos of the lathe in production….

“An incredible amount of work goes into the making of each lathe. Every part is manufactured and finished by hand here in the United States. We thought we’d share some photos of the process with you.”

Source: MADE in the Making

4 thoughts on “MADE in the Making

  1. The craftsmanship is indeed stunning. It’s too bad we don’t get to see more equipment of this quality out in the wild. Scrutinizing the average budget lathe rom China doesn’t quite inspire the same emotions. 🙂

    1. So so so true. Maybe some day I’ll get a grant and buy one of these beauties. Then you can come and play.

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