Seeing the MADE lathe & the MJT


Last week in between classes David and I had the privilege of visiting The Museum of Jurassic Technology and taking a field trip to Al Collins workshop. Al is one of the developers of the MADE lathe and is in the thick of some fascinating research. He has developed some rosettes in an attempt to regain lost techniques used by the ornamental turners of previous centuries. He has made huge strides and is producing pieces inspired by the Coburg Ivories.

You should also check out the work of Tristan Duke – a modern wizard in holography. I can’t wait to see what comes of potential collaborations between David and Tristan. Given that engine turning or Guilloché can be considered the precursor to holographic technology – there is some discussion about producing scratch abrasive holograms using David’s rose engine. Talk about exciting! Below you can see some of the incredible experiments and holograms Tristan is working on.

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