Snippets from Engine Turning No.1

We just had our first engine turning class of the year! We had a lovely time and saw some beautiful patterns. It’s always so exciting to see what a fresh perspective will bring to the craft! This group of students consisted of artists, chemists, ornamental turners, and watchmakers.

David setting up the ring chuck


Showing off the 102 collet set
Showing off the 102 collet set


Amie, exploring form and pattern on the rose engine


ropestart  rope


An overlaid rope pattern


Exploring spirographs on the rose engine


spirograph2 spirograph3 overlaychuck

Another Amie exploration


flowers student2 studentpieces examples3

Straightline machine patterns (left) and rose engine moray (right)
Straightline machine patterns (left) and rose engine moray (right)


Sterling silver straightline machine drape by John




Nathan and Ed making pens on the straightline machine


pentubelathe finishedtube dialstart

Dial by Jeremy
Dial by Jeremy


Pewter door pulls by Robert


More of Robert's work
More of Robert’s work


Amie tries pumping on the outside diameter of a rosette for a ring on the rose engine


Pumping on the inside surface of a rosette for a ring


If you’re interested, we have just one space remaining for this coming weekend’s class on beginning engine turning! Sign up on the class page!

2 thoughts on “Snippets from Engine Turning No.1

  1. Ah! Thanks for that! I was looking forward to this class’ pictures.
    And… well, getting my own hands dirty this upcoming weekend. I don’t think I’ll be matching these students though, they did great!

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