Photos from Engine Turning II Class

We held our first advanced engine turning class last weekend! It was great to see some familiar faces, as the class was made up of returning students from previous sessions. Some students focused their time and energy on one ambitious project, while others tried using different materials, figuring out patterns from photographs of antique objects, and integrating both rose and straightline machine patterns in one piece. Here’s some examples of what we got up to. By demand, a level three class is in the works! Learn about classes and register here.

Snippets from Engine Turning No.1

We just had our first engine turning class of the year! We had a lovely time and saw some beautiful patterns. It’s always so exciting to see what a fresh perspective will bring to the craft! This group of students consisted of artists, chemists, ornamental turners, and watchmakers.


David setting up the ring chuck


Showing off the 102 collet set

Showing off the 102 collet set



Amie, exploring form and pattern on the rose engine


ropestart  rope



An overlaid rope pattern



Exploring spirographs on the rose engine


spirograph2 spirograph3 overlaychuck

Another Amie exploration


flowers student2 studentpieces examples3

Straightline machine patterns (left) and rose engine moray (right)

Straightline machine patterns (left) and rose engine moray (right)



Sterling silver straightline machine drape by John





Nathan and Ed making pens on the straightline machine


pentubelathe finishedtube dialstart

Dial by Jeremy

Dial by Jeremy



Pewter door pulls by Robert


More of Robert's work

More of Robert’s work



Amie tries pumping on the outside diameter of a rosette for a ring on the rose engine



Pumping on the inside surface of a rosette for a ring


If you’re interested, we have just one space remaining for this coming weekend’s class on beginning engine turning! Sign up on the class page!

Home at Last and Getting Ready for Classes

Hi everyone! It’s nice to be home and getting ready for our upcoming Engine Turning classes at the Memoria Technica workshop with David Lindow. We have a couple of spaces left in the beginner classes and we’d love to have you! Get in touch on the classes page if you’d like to register.

If you’ve already registered, you’ll be hearing from us soon with class info. We are really looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new enthusiasts!

While at David’s we did some class prep and I also got to make a few things with his rose engine. Below are some examples.

bottlestoppers bowls


These little mineral stands are some I made on my machines at home.



This box was a joint effort.

box box2

Here are some of the pens David has made.


pen1 pen3 pen2 pen4 pen5 pen6 pen7 pen8 pen9 pen10

While out at his shop I got to play with the brocading machine! We started making quite a fancy set of checkers. If you like ornamental turning and rose engine work, you might find brocading machines really fascinating too.


brocading crown crownspin brocadingtest checkertest

This is an example piece made from another master in David’s collection.



David’s workshop is busy filling orders for his clocks and rose engines. We went on a little field trip to Steer Machine, whom manufactures some of the lathe parts.


david8 david7 david6 david5 david4 david3 david2 david9 David1

Hopefully if they’re finished in time, we will have one available for use during the upcoming classes!


Upcoming Engine Turning Classes


I’m so excited to announce engine turning classes here at the Memoria Technica workshop! It’s been a long time in the making, but I’m finally set up to start holding regular classes. If you’re interested, please sign up on the Classes page found on the top menu bar. There you will find full course descriptions, dates, and costs. We are presently accepting applications for our January/February classes.

Click here and here to see what we got up to in our previous sessions. Students will have the opportunity to learn on both the rose and straight line engines. These two beautiful antique machines are from the Bulova watchmaking factory.

Here’s a quick description of the three upcoming classes:

January 23/24 – A 2-day Intro to Engine Turning class, geared towards newbies to the field. Whether students are looking into watch dials for jewelry, or curious about guilloché work in general, this class caters to individual’s interests via a variety of projects.

January 30/31 – A 2-day Intro to Engine Turning class, geared towards newbies to the field. Whether students are looking into watch dials for jewelry, or curious about guilloché work in general, this class caters to individual’s interests via a variety of projects.

February 6/7 – A 2-day, more intermediate Engine Turning #2, includes lessons on blank preparation, integrating divergent patters, and laying out work that requires multiple centers.

If you have any questions on the classes, be sure to get in touch!

UPDATE: due to a number of recent inquiries – we added another Beginners Class on the weekend of January 23/24.