Settling In – Nov. 14. 2014

I was a bit worried about unloading the trailer once it arrived from Connecticut. Dennis Harmon’s workshop had a loading dock, which enabled us to literally roll the machines using pipes and levers onto the trailer (in most cases).

You may recall this picture of loading the Hauser jig borer.
You may recall this picture of loading the Hauser jig borer.

Fitting everything else onto the trailer was a drawn out game of Tetris. Things were packed tight, between and around all the machinery, but not above chest height for safety. I didn’t want any of the machines to get damaged in case things shifted during the long drive from the East to the West.

Moving things into my new shop ended up being rather painless, even though I don’t have a loading dock. I worked with Nelson Trucking, a local rigging company with a great staff. I had the trailer delivered to their dock – some friends and I unloaded it there onto a U-Haul and then the U-Haul was unloaded at the new shop. The machines stayed behind for delivery using a truck with a lift gate. This made moving them incredibly straightforward. With a couple of 4 x 4 ‘s and a pallet jack it all went quite smoothly. The move in of the machines took less than 2 hours from dock to door.

530am arrival!
530am arrival!
Putting things in their right place
All in and feeling proud.
All in and feeling proud ….and a bit blurry

Now comes a lot of organizing/taking inventory/setting up of the other contents. I’ve been working on just that for the last month. I’m happy to say that the upstairs portion of the workshop is almost there and I’ll be able to start working in a limited capacity soon.

But there's still more to do...
But there’s still a lot more to do…

21 thoughts on “Settling In – Nov. 14. 2014

  1. Hello again! I’m the young watchmaker who left happily with Dennis’ non-ultrasonic UFO shaped Reina cleaning machine.

    I’ve been following your progress, and I’m happy to see your shop is coming along well. I was curious what equipment you had chosen, it looks as though you chose well, considering what you
    will be working on.

    The cleaning machine worked completely, by the way, but I decided to completely restore it, and
    am nearing completion. It ended up being far more complex than even a Tempo 400… It has an automatic transmission in the base, with as many linkages as one of your singing birds nearly..
    It has been satisfying to rebuild, and will still be a great help towards the CW21.

    Even though you were overwhelmed with people, you took the time to speak with me about your work, repeaters, and vintage restoration. I am still inspired to continue my work with old horology by you, and I don’t know yet how I will, but I will try to continue with some old pieces, such as more fusees, on top of the modern stuff. Hopefully someday I will find a route to conservation work somewhere within horology as you have. Meeting and speaking with you and all your assistants and friends was my greatest pleasure.

    Looking forward to see how your shop turns out, best of luck!

    1. Hi Andrew,

      It was very nice to meet and speak with you at the sale. I am always happy to share what I know and if I can be of assistance in the future, please get in touch. I am very glad you made it home safely with the cleaner. Please post a photo when you complete your work on it! I hope it sees you through the CW21.

      I’ll be sure to post some photos of the shop when it finally comes together. The holiday season has kept me very busy along with some other family stuff, so hopefully the shop will be fully up and running by the end of the month. The electrical is the big hold up right now.

      Thank you for the kind words and keep in touch!

  2. The workshop is looking great! Glad everything arrived safely. I am happy that you will finally have a well equipped shop to work in. You have waited long enough. But calling your shop well equipped is an understatement!

    Those barrister cabinets look great!

    Take care


    1. Haha! Thanks Daniel! I hope it will soon be ready to work in! Getting there… slowly. Believe it or not – I still have room for books in my barrister cabinets. Lucky me 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing, looks like a great place to come to work each day. Looking forward to seeing some of that machinery in action – and earning it keep 🙂
    Cheers Conwae

    1. Thanks Patty! Miss you too! The jams have been a real treat – certainly brings good memories with every english muffin I eat!

    1. Thanks David! Incredibly there was only one casualty from the move. An old light bulb! Everything faired very well. No flash rusting either!

  4. Hi Brittany–
    Your shop space is really nice. Book cases are handsome as well as the organization of machinery. Thanks for posting this update!
    Tom Podnar–

    1. Thanks Tom! It’s been fun and a lot of work, and I’m happy to share the process. I’m excited to have a shop of my own. It’s nice to make the big decisions – such as what kind of coffee maker to have. 🙂 I elected for an electric percolator.

  5. Woah. That workshop is starting to look pretty awesome with the big equipment rolling-in. I’m jealous! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I’m really excited for the next phase – getting them all hooked up so I can start making things! I know it will be sooner than later….but I’m going to have to be patient. I think it’s going to take a fair investment to get the electrical sorted.

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