Day No. 209 – Finally Home & Harmon Estate Update

It’s been exactly 7 months since I left on December 17th 2013 to start the Harmon Estate Project. I am finally back in Seattle!!

First on my to do is pie and coffee. Check! (thanks Katy!)

photo 4

What a long 7 months – but I’m home with a shop it would take me a life time to build. And boy am I ready to get started! Now comes the other hard part. Finding a new space, while waiting with bated breath for the truck to arrive. I owe a great deal to David & Christian Lindow, Frank, Patty, & Dougle Dorion, Reg Gomez, & Madelyne Salyer for all of their help in the last week – getting my things on the truck – and just being wonderful people (+ dog).

Here you can see a bit of the madness/genius? undertaken in loading the Hauser jig borer.

photo 2


Reg looks pretty smug and impressed in that picture.

and I have to say this was a pretty welcome sight! but I’ll be even more elated to see the truck arrive in the Emerald City.

photo 5


and I will certainly miss my correspondence pal Mordechai, who stayed true through the many late nights at my desk, at Château Harmon.

photo 4 (1)


The Harmon Estate has been left in good hands and the remainder of the inventory will soon be up for sale – details of which will posted here in the near future. So stay tuned! Also – if you don’t already know about it, the family is hosting another sale of the antiques, furniture, & rarities collected by the Harmon family over three generations starting this August. Pictures and info coming soon! Click here to see some of the inventory.

And you know, if you’ve never heard of a man named Charles Augustus Sauter, you are missing out. I recommend checking out his patents here & here. As far as I know, NASA has a lot to thank him for and he was Dennis’s best friend.


10 thoughts on “Day No. 209 – Finally Home & Harmon Estate Update

  1. Thank you for bring us along on this wonderful journey. I hope everything found a new home and you weren’t left with too much at the end of the day. Looking forward to seeing your next challenge/project.

    1. I’m so glad I was able to share this experience – thanks for following along. I haven’t forgotten about the Koepfer photos and will send as soon as it’s set up in the new space.

      The remaining estate items will soon be up for sale and I’m hoping they’re put to good use making beautiful things.

  2. So very glad you made it back home to Seattle. What a “Once in a Lifetime” experience for you.
    It was a daunting task, but you came thru with flying colors. Know Tom and your “kitties” are very happy to have you home! Hope to see you at Christmas, if not sooner. Love, Grandpa and Grandma

    1. Too true, Grandma. Very glad to be home, but looking forward to seeing you and Grandpa soon! Love you x

  3. Congratulations Brittany.Not only did you work hard and catalogue a daunting inventory but you kept a lot of people involved with the whole process.It is hard enough to do the work and anyone who has tried to document their own precess knows that it is another full time job on it’s own.
    I can’t wait now to see your new workspace and have a “Shed Tour” of your new machinery as it starts another life of producing quality components.
    Cheers from Micheal.

    1. Thank you Michael! It was definitely an adventure and a challenge, but well worth it. I am hoping to have a new space set up soon that I can share!

  4. I’ll move machines with Reg any day. He’s a smart guy and a natural. We were fortunate to have him.

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