Thank You!

I want to write a note of thanks to the Harmon family, my family, and to all of my volunteers for their generous help on the Harmon Estate Project.

I am extremely grateful to the Harmon family for giving me this opportunity. They have made it possible for me to build a workshop that it would take me a life time to acquire. I have dreams of making beautiful things and living up to the standards of their father, which might be impossible without the invaluable tools and equipment I have earned over the past 6 months. I could not have done any of this without the generosity of my friends and family and their steadfast belief in my endeavors. Thank you so much to all of you.

Thank you as well to my readers for your interest in this estate and my projects. For those of you who are horologists, craftsmen, beginners, enthusiasts, hobbyists, collectors – thank you for keeping this trade alive. It was a pleasure meeting many of you! I do hope that you’ll all stay in touch and keep reading as life unfolds and my next adventure takes shape.

Thank you as well to Mike, Wendy, & Stephanie for the excellent security service they provided during the sale too.

Here are some photos from the sale, the staff, and some highlights from the past 6 months.

20140610_114501(1) 20140610_115039 20140610_115057-110325689_10203047028755490_4119101401885762526_n10259855_10203076902902325_26687827524587839_nDSC_01666P11504722P11504622P1150465520140614_103024IMG_0379IMG_0464





5 responses

  1. Wow! Brittany!

    You did it. A truly major endeavor. Warmest congratulations! I loved keeping an eye on things through your posts.

    Best regards, Tom–


  2. I wish you all the luck on your future endavours. I hope you will continue with the blog as you are putting your well earned shop together. I also hope that all the stuff left after the one week sale found a good home for now.



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