Dug North’s Mekanikos vs. The Minotaur & a Potential Workshop Space!

Hello all! You may already know of the whimsies created by Dug North, and if you don’t, you’re about to discover some wonderful creations.

Dug North, toy automaton maker turned clockmaker, has decided to sell one of his marvels entitled Mekanikos vs. The Menotaur. See more photos, watch a video, and read about Dug’s process here. It is truly a work of art and clearly took an incredible amount of time, as every single piece is hand-made. It deserves a pedestal in a good home! To learn more about Dug and his work – you can find a link on the side bar under Blogs/Forums entitled “The Automata Blog” or click here.



In other news, I have recently found a potential workshop space. Super excited to see if it pans out.

P1170093 copy



I NEED one of these


This is a miniature lathe made by Manson that actually works. I just want to get a tiny generator and take this tiny lathe on a picnic…. Let’s go to the beach lathe!

Learn more about these miniature lathes here.

(Thanks for the photo Frank and letting me hold this tiny beauty).

10 responses

  1. Wow QBritt, I just saw photos of your new shop space, it’s CRAP DELICIOUS! A certain 4-year old gives you her highest endorsement. We’ll keep tabs about the remainder of the estate.

    Your servant always



  2. If someone was to bring a small wood lathe to that beach, then you could spawn the maker’s version of a beach party. People turning their own small picnic table legs, parasols, tiny chair rungs…

    Someone else further down with a large lens-powered furnace glassblowing espresso-cup-sized mugs for everyone…

    The Fabrication Woodstock!
    Hmm… right.

    Sorry. 🙂


  3. Glad to see that things are going well!!

    You missed out on one of those that was sold here in CT on craigslist while you were busy sorting harmons stuff.



    • Thanks Ulf! Rats! I can’t believe it…. well.. I imagine another will turn up before I’m too old for a bikini. I’ll have my beach lathe picnic yet.


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