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  1. I also want to say, It was good the family got ahold of you about this, instead of having some Auctioneer wasting this away…


  2. Brittany,
    I missed out on this sale, I dont know how… I was a day late, and a dollar short. Just reading your heading, I assume there is still alot of things there and plans for it. They gonna open it up again?


    • We are still sorting out plans on what to do next, but it is likely the remainder of the estate will be sold to one buyer if the price is right. Otherwise, the more valuable machines will be listed on eBay and the rest will be sold in various ways.


  3. Welcome back from the Cave of Wonders, Brittany!

    Speaking of accumulating, did you succumb to temptation and buy anything for yourself from the estate?


    • Thank you Alexandre! I’ll still be here for a little while, but can return to the world again soon. Yes, I did happen to accumulate some nice things through this project. Setting up my new workshop will be the next chapter for the blog!


    • Hi Jonathan,

      Thanks so much for all of your help! It was a pleasure meeting you! I will definitely be taking some needed rest now and taking away some good lessons from this experience. One of which is to be careful of what I accumulate 🙂


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