Day No.109 – Organizing the Crystals

The shop is really coming together and starting to look sharp for the sale. We spent 4 days going through the epic watch crystal collection Dennis had in the basement. They’ve now been organized and sorted in drawers. There are some really amazing bulls eye crystals, super high dome and extra thick. The Bulova factory machines have been moved upstairs and cleaned up. These are some of the most interesting machines I’ve seen in the shop. Here are some photos from this weekend past (please excuse the chipped nail polish – I don’t know why I even bother).

P11507911 P11507866 P11507844 P11508100 P11508155 P11508233 P11508177 P11507711 P11507777 P11507799


8 responses

  1. Britt, everything is really looking great. What you and alll those helping you have accomplished is almost beyond belief. It’s really going to be a BIG sale. Grandma and Grandpa


  2. So many nice machines and tools. Do you have any B8 collets? I emailed you to see if I have any chance to get some.


  3. Britt, the shop is really looking good!! Congratulations to you and Reg and all of the folks who have helped in the work….Dad


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