Day No.102 – But wait! There’s more…..

When I began this journey, I knew this project would take around 1/2 a year. Today I realized that 102 days have gone by – it seems time has really vanished with the dust….

Thankfully, I’ve been very fortunate to have some extra hands this week. Friends flew in from Seattle and Austin to help out in the lead up to the big sale – the dates of which will be announced in the next post! Here are some photos of our joint efforts.





DSC_01755 DSC_01722 DSC_01733   After P11504400 P11504388 P11504722

Another makeover miracle...

Another makeover miracle…

P11504622 P11504555 P11504499 P11504477 P11504533 P11504322 P11504344 But wait! There’s more…   P11504655 P11504600   DSC_01666

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