Day No.79 – Paper Ephemera

So many fantastic publications have been unearthed in the basement – from service manuals to watch material catalogues. Most of them in excellent condition! Here’s a peek at some of them:

P1140902 P1140908 P1140921 P1140925 P1140927 P1140892 P1140895 P1140912 P1140930 P1140936 P1140913 P1140917 P1140926


4 thoughts on “Day No.79 – Paper Ephemera

  1. I stumbled on your web site while looking for an Optima drill grinder. I am interested in it. Can you let me know if it is for sale please? Thanks Mike


    1. Hi Mike,

      Yes, it is for sale. I am in the process of putting together a downloadable catalogue of the machines for sale with prices etc. There will also be an on site estate sale held in the upcoming months. If you would like more information please send me an email at

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