Visiting David Lindow

Hello all! I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season! I’m spending mine at David Lindow’s shop working on some exciting projects – from developing a mechanism and testing materials for analog holograms to guilloche work and ornamental turning. Another friend Stephen Franke is here building a regulator! Here are some photos from the first week. I hope to share some photos of what we’re working on soon.wheels lathe2 latheceiling depthing crossslide colletschucks drillpress drills calculator bridgeport1 bridgeport bandsaw balloon2 wheel wheelspoke arborpress2 arborpresswheel christmaslights1 dials dials2 clockplates cave david hands2 arborpress hotairballoon hm heattreat hands engineparts rosettes shelf stakes parts3 parts partsbox material pantograph nuts reamer steve2 steve vice4 wheel2 wrenches vice tablevice table stocksupport stand lion lights2 lathe




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