The Lienhard Found a Friend

A recent and most delightful visitor to the workshop found himself right at home on the Lienhard pantograph machine, although given his ability to mimic speech, I’m not surprised ! Quite the aristocrat.-1



I realized that the size comparison of this lovely bird and the Lienhard gives one a better idea of scale. The Lienhard is a super compact heavy duty and versatile engraving machine.




It comes with an extensive set of engraving plates, cutter spindle, reducing sleeves, clamps for the work table, clamps and fastening blocks for the copy table, straight shank cutter, and documentation. It’s in excellent working condition.

Machine Specs

Work table:
maximum distance from cutter to work table 9 7/8″
size of work table 15 3/4″ x 9″
longitudinal movement 7″
Cross movement 7 7/8″
vertical movement 9 7/8
Number of tee slots 4

Copy Holder:
Size 18 1/18″ x 9 7/16″
Number of slots 5
Greatest height of copy which can be fitted 3/4″

Largest ratio of reduction 50-1
Smallest ratio of reduction 1-1

Cutter Spindle:
Vertical feed of cutter (adjustable by micrometer scale reading in .0004″ (1/100mm) 5/32″
Number of spindle speeds 4
Speed adjustable between 4200-11000
Largest diameter of cutter 1/4″

Motor H.P. 1/3
Motor Speed 1400

Size of machine:
Height 51″
Width 22″
Depth 39″
Size of base 24″x20″
Net weight 616 lbs

Power 3 phase
220/380 volts

In other news, work at the shop continues as we lead up to the big sale this June. I will be posting some video of the shop and more of the amazing collection soon!

2 thoughts on “The Lienhard Found a Friend

  1. Hi Astol,

    The machine is really something – Lienhard made 4 versions of this machine. This one (number 2) seems the most versatile for its size. Of course, I’m not surprised Dennis owned this particular one. I hope you’ll be able to attend the sale! It’s be great to meet you.

  2. Hi Brittany, I didn’t know a machine so small had so many functions and so versatile,i am really interested. , sorry not to forget the bird, what beautiful feathers. Regards Astol

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