Volume 1 on Ebay

There are now 10 items from Volume1 of the catalog listed on Ebay. We are still working on the selling structure for the remaining large machinery and will post an update soon.

Agathon Precision Grinding Machine: Buy on Ebay

Schaublin 120vm: Buy on Ebay

Schaublin 12 Milling Machine Buy on Ebay

Hauser Type P 324 Measuring Machine Microscope: Buy on Ebay

Hauser Type 191 Pivot Polishing Machine: Buy on Ebay

Optima Universal Model – Drill Sharpening Machine: Buy on Ebay

Leitz Universal Toolmaker Microscope: Buy on Ebay

Delta-Milwaukee 7″ Precision Shaper: Buy on Ebay

SIP Profile Projector with built in light table: Buy on Ebay

Dubied 564 Universal Tool Grinder: Buy on Ebay

2 thoughts on “Volume 1 on Ebay

    1. Thanks Javier! Lot’s of time spent on this. Hope you’re well and I’ll be in touch soon!

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