Day No.43 – The Back Room

The back room is finally starting to sort itself out. I hope to move on to the basement in the next week or two!

Here are few photos:

P1130755 P1130761 P1130757 P1130765P1130716 P1130714 P1130711 P1130880 P1130894 P1130871 P1130877 P1130878

2 thoughts on “Day No.43 – The Back Room

  1. What a great looking grinder!

    What is that tool that has the 45 deg block held in a collet? Looks like some sort of lapping fixture? What is that used for?


    1. Hi Ulf,

      That’s a great question. I have not even pulled it out to look at it yet, but noticed it in there at the end of the day, so I snapped a photo. I will take it down and investigate! It likely is a lapping fixture, given its proximity to the large lapping machine Dennis had.

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