Schaublin SV12 Milling Machine

I will be doing individual posts on all machinery I have for sale with photographs of the accessories and a bit of information. If you would like more information regarding the featured piece of equipment get in touch with me at

Today I am posting about the Schaublin SV12 . You can read about it here. Buy on Ebay.

Taken from
Taken from





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2 thoughts on “Schaublin SV12 Milling Machine

  1. This will be my favourite blog for months and months now.I really envy your position there Brittany.What a place to go to work in.You must be on overload most of the day.
    I hope you get to purchase a few nice machines and accessories for your own shop.

    1. Michael,

      So very glad you’re enjoying it! It’s a magical place and I am very privileged to be a part of, but yes overload is a good way to describe how I feel a lot of the time. I am very lucky and will be able to bring home a few of these items for my own shop. Once I get back to Seattle and get settled, I’ll post photos of it all set up.

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