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Hello dear readers! I've had some great projects come in and out of the shop recently, so I thought I'd share with you one of my favorites. Below is a beautiful clown magician by Gustav Vichy recently completed here at Memoria Technica. Made to pay homage to magicians past and enchant viewers, the clown uses [...]

Bird Box number “.7” : an Update

Well little Pan was sent off to Bonhams yesterday. Unfortunately, he still wasn't quite finished. Previous restoration work rendered the bellows ineffective when the mechanism is placed in the case. I raised the mechanism up a bit by adding little leather washers. Pressure from the lid on the mechanism now makes Pan run slow. I [...]

Mysterious Rochat Box Number “7.”

I have had the recent privilege of working on a very peculiar singing bird box by Rochat. So far my inquiries have not revealed any knowledge of this particular Rochat box. The 18k vari-coloured gold engine turned diamond adorned box houses three gilt mechanisms, including chain fusée and cylindrical bellows for the singing bird automaton, [...]