Harmon Estate Sale Day 4

Hello readers – another super busy day… but again the place is still packed with stuff!! So on that note…………. the discount for Day 4 is 45% off!!!!!

Some larger ticket items may remain at a 30% discount.


4 thoughts on “Harmon Estate Sale Day 4

  1. Brittany you did a wonderful job! I have spent the last few days going through the blog taking your tour of the “Museum” I can only hope my shop ends up in great hands when my day comes! Being a Watch/Instrument Maker I’m deeply saddened I didn’t come across this sale sooner! Could you tell me if any Watchmaker benches are still for sale and when will this sale end?

    1. HI Bobby,

      Today is the last day – we have one bench left! Get in touch tomorrow if you’re still interested and I will let you know if it’s still here! Many thanks for the kind words. Best wishes – Brittany

      1. It sold – we do have one other bench left, but what the plan is moving forward is yet to be decided. Will let you know!

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