Harmon Estate Sale Day 1

Hello readers! We had a great first day – thanks to all of you who came out! Somehow even with all of the things that left, the place looks untouched! We just have so many beautiful things that need to find good homes.

That said, the discount for day 2 is 15%!

In other news, the shop was also featured on Radiolab! Lynn Levy came out to pay us a visit and she wrote a wonderful blog entry about our project. I am really grateful for her reflection on this experience.

2 thoughts on “Harmon Estate Sale Day 1

  1. Oh, Nico! The wish to be there!
    Argentina and bring so many beautiful things.
    I admire the work you’ve done with such passion and envy the opportunity you had.
    Excellent job.
    Greetings from Rosario, Argentina
    PD: As always sorry for my bad English…

    1. Thanks so much Javier! It’s been such a journey – but I am grateful for the experience! thanks for following along with me.

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