Harmon Estate Sale

THE SALE IS NOW OVER! Plans for what’s next to be announced.

The sale was featured on Radiolab!


Estate Flyer6

To see a comprehensive view of the shop, click here.

JUNE 11- 15th 9am – 4pm



This is a 5 day sale – with contents discounted each day.

This is not an auction.

Some larger ticket items will remain at full price.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of this page if you have questions not answered here.

The estate is located in Wolcott, Connecticut. The address is 9 Town line Rd.
Wolcott, CT 06716

Please use street parking or the lot on the left side of the building. Do not block the shop drive way.

Numbers will be handed out at 8am. Doors open at 9am. Get here early if you want an early entry. We will have a large staff to facilitate the sale and let in as many people as possible to minimize the line. Shopping bags and boxes will be provided. No large bags or purses will be allowed in the sale.

This list will be updated as I go through the shop and list the contents, so check back in regularly.
Pretty much everything in the shop is collectible and antique.

SHOP EQUIPMENT: This shop is packed with fine machinery. A multitude of watchmakers lathes (6mm and 8mm), rare accessories, head stocks, tail stocks, slide rests, universal plates, face plates, bezel and wheel chucks, tooling, transmissions/countershafts, collets and more. There are spare parts to restore/repair every lathe and accessory. We have vertical and bench lathes (Schaublin, Southbend, Waltham). There are high precision drill presses (Bulova) and grinding machines (Tripet, Lienhard, Dubied, ALB), a jewel making table with diamond lap, screw threading machines, pivot and pinion polishers, pantograph machines (New Century, Lienhard), engraving blocks, diamond grinders, surface grinders, centerless grinders, custom made pin grinders by Bulova, crystal sizing and cutting machines, welders, plating tanks, kilns, ovens, rolling mills, drawing machines, fly presses, jig saw, over head drives and transmissions, pulleys, measuring tools, vises, magnetic chucks, index centers, micrometers, standards, shears, pliers, graver sharpeners, hand engravers, burnishers, jewelers tools, hammers, stakes, blacksmithing tools, johnson gas oven, lathe mandrels, handles, stone polishing drums with compounds, and much much more. The shop has a vast assortment of new old stock of cutting and milling tools, broaches, watch material, case pins, water of ayr and tam o shanter stones and other stones, files, dremel tools, draw plates, saw blades, grinding wheels and attachments, polishing compounds and wheels, solder, crucibles, cleaning brushes, lathe belting material, springs, screws, washers, precision ground steel, brass, aluminium, bronze, plastic, and glass stock, sand paper, and much much more.

There is a vast array of watch and clockmaking equipment and rare hand tools – a rounding up tool and an Ingold Fraise. Timing machines, watch cleaners, ultrasonic tanks, demagnetizers, movement holders, wheel truing calipers, case openers, repivoting lathes, turns, watchmakers cabinets/tool chests, pivot files and burnishers, matting tools, anvils, staking blocks, alcohol lamps, countersinks, bezel tools, hairspring adjusting tools, mainspring winders, depthing tools, counterbores, sietz jeweling sets, crown milling tools, jewel bezel openers and cutters, jewel pushers, pallet stone setters, adjustable keys, alcohol cups, glass domes, automatic oilers, wood oil cups, dividers, loupes, and much much more.

There is also a vast collection of bottles and jars filled with raw sapphire and agate for making jewels.

LAB GLASS, EQUIPMENT, & FURNITURE: There are hundreds of vintage Pyrex beakers, vessels, bottles, connectors, test tubes and jars, in all shapes and sizes. Also, thermometers, hydrometers, porcelain apothecary dishes, stoppers, hot plates, test tube holders and racks, Pyrex tubing and rods, scientific sieve sets, dryers, hot plates, mixers, baths, marble anti-vibration lab table, laboratory fume hood work stations, stainless steel sink stations, stainless steel shelving, stainless steel rolling carts, and equipment. We have several hooded sinks and workstations for cleaning and soldering with extraction.

ELECTRONICS: I have never seen this much electronic equipment! Most of it is vintage and in beautiful condition. We have Hewlett Packard, General Electric, Heathkit, and other pieces of measuring equipment. This includes many tube testers, oscilloscopes, steam gauges, mercoid meters, thermocouples, analyzers, multimeters, condenser checkers, amplifiers, frequency counter, transformers, audio generator and wave measurer. There are also over a hundred meters (milliamperes, volt, millivolts, microampres, etc.) tubes and boxes and trays of resistors, semiconductors, capacitors of all sizes, integrated circuits, diods, transformers, resistors, copper wire, electrical cord, switches, heating elements, balasts, and other electronic miscellaneous.

PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT/DARKROOM: Color processors, developing trays, developing tanks, dry mounting supplies, dry mount, print dryers, film dryer, photographic paper, enlarger, 8×10 camera, 4×5 cameras, lenses for large format cameras, negative carriers, ground glass plates for large and medium format cameras, large format film, medium format film, Polaroid film, Polaroid land cameras, 35 mm cameras, digital camera lenses and filters, batteries, battery chargers, camera bags, photo printer and scanner, developing chemicals and solutions, tripods, light tables, safety lights, filters, lens wipes, lens cases, and much much more.

WOODWORKING TOOLS: Belt sander, paint mixer, a huge assortment of wood planes, molding planes, plow planes, (Stanley, Sandusky, J. Stevens / Boston, Creagh Cinn. Ohio, and more) wood stock, wood cabinets, woodworkers tool chest, wood drills, planer, compasses, axes, and much much more.

WORKSHOP/INDUSTRIAL FURNITURE & LIGHTING: There are parts to make beautiful industrial light fixtures, and over one hundred watchmakers and bench lamps and several hanging workshop lights. There are Bulova factory benches and shelves, watchmaking and jewelers benches, a cast iron table, vintage industrial metal stools and chairs, lathe benches with mounted motors and pulley systems ready to go, stainless steel sinks and work stations, metal cabinets and shelves, glass fronted cabinets and book cases, antique schoolhouse chairs and stools, and more.

MICROSCOPES & MEASURING EQUIPMENT: We have several optical comparators and measuring instruments by Hauser, Nikon, and SIP and a vast collection of micrometers, calipers, and standards of all kinds. There are all kinds of measuring gages/gauges: plug, depth, surface, rule, rod, drill point, screw pitch, fillet and radius, thickness, center, height, and more.

SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS: There is an elaborate collection of scientific instruments: microprojectors, brass scales, compasses, W. L. Gurley surveyors instruments, barographs and barometers, and more. There are multiple vintage microscopes in their original wooden cases with extra lenses, slides and accessories with keys, and much much more.

COLLECTIBLES: Working escapement and jewel models, Patek Philip Navi Quartz clock, technical drawings, J G Hall staking sets, hand forged vises, antique milling machine, toy steam engine, rare books, omega case back opener, vintage rolex case openers, antique surgical tools, doctor’s bags, solid marble table, and much much more. We also have one of Dennis’s canoes that he used to frequent the local waters.

LIBRARY: There are books ranging from thermodynamics, electricity, refrigeration, brick laying, horology, grinding, steel, drafting, electroplating, chemistry, physics, metalography, electroplating, history, engraving, watchmakers guides and manuals, machinists workshop guides, workshop practices, tool catalogues, trade catalogues, watch catalogues, auction catalogues, watch material catalogues, service manuals for machines, machinists, antique and horological journals, magazines on canoeing, antiques, and photography, and much much more.


Getting Here -

For those of you who are planning to make the journey to Connecticut for the sale, the closest large town with accommodation is Waterbury, CT. Here is a list of local hotels and places to stay:

Airbnb – Waterbury

Hampton Inn

Quality Inn

Courtyard Waterbury Downtown

Americas Best Value Inn


Waterbury is roughly a two hour journey by car from Newark and New York city, and a 3o minute journey from Hartford, CT. The best priced flights are out of JFK Airport in New York, Newark Airport in New Jersey, and Bradley Airport in Hartford.

Trains and buses are available from New York city. I recommend Priceline, name your own price, for flight deals.

Frequently asked questions:

How do I get into the sale?

Numbers are handed out at 8am – first come first serve. Generally a line will begin to form well before 8am. The first number is handed to the first person in line and so on. The sale opens at 9am.

Will the number system be implemented daily?

Yes, if large lines form.

How many people are let into the sale at a time?

This depends on staff, but generally this can be anywhere from 20-40 people in the first group, maybe more if we have enough staff to accommodate more people. One person exits, another person is admitted. People will not be allowed to block entry for new people by refusing to leave or by just “hanging out”. People can re-enter multiple times on the same day.

How do I pay?

We accept credit cards, PayPal, checks with a valid drivers license, and cash. Receipts must be checked before leaving.

What if I buy something large during the sale?

We will arrange for you to collect your item(s) after the sale, either the same day or immediately following the end of the sale.

If I purchase any large machinery will there be staff available to help me remove it?

In general no. If we are able to assist in some minor way, we will, but you will need to make arrangements to remove any equipment purchased.

Will there be any pre-sale viewing days & when?

Yes, pre-sale viewings can be scheduled the week before the sale: June 2 – 6. Please send an email to bcox@mechanicalcurios.com

When will Vol.2 of the catalog be available?

The catalogue has been delayed due to changes to the sale structure requested by the family. I am unsure whether there will be a release of the full catalogue due to staff and time constraints. All larger machinery that is available will be pictured in the repository.

Is there a loading dock?

Yes, the loading dock is 6 ft x 9 ft x 3 ft

Is the building handicap accessible?

Unfortunately the building is not, but we will do our very best to accommodate you. There are two entrances to the building – one at the front with a few steps leading up to the door and one at basement level with a small staircase going down. Most of the isles are large enough for a wheel chair or walker. We are happy to assist in helping carry a wheel chair or walker up or down steps.

I assume there is no preview except photos posted to the web site. The process is you arrive, get in line for a number then review and purchase the items. Is this basically correct?

There are pre-sale viewings allowed the week before the sale June 2 – 6. For the actual sale – you arrive, receive a number, and are admitted based on your number.


If you have a question not answered here, please fill out the form below and we will answer shortly.



10 responses

  1. Just a note to say how impressed I was (am) with how well the sale was organized. This was only exceeded by the helpfulness and friendliness of EVERYONE on the staff. It was a true pleasure to attend.

  2. My business for the past 30 years has been buying at industrial liquidation auctions throughout NY & New England and as far as the Mississippi river to resell. May it be a Business downsizing, Bankruptcy or Estate Liquidations I have never scene such a well priced out marketing plan that Britney has put together, as well as such a extensive internet/paper advertising promotion. ” At auctions much merchandise tends to get packaged and blown out it lots for a minimal bid” I came to this Estate sale and purchased on day 2, 3 & 4. I was beyond impressed by the detailed layout of product being sold. Also! The pleasure of shopping and being assisted by a unusually friendly and helping hand service offered by a well placed/located throughout the sale staff. Further more! The security! They too were beyond helpful and direct. It was a pleasure meeting Ms. Cox and her staff.I can only imagine that this sale and it’s success through her planning will open many more doors for her and future sales. I was sit up and selling at a Antique market this past weekend in NYC. Even there, buyers and venders both were talking about “THAT” Ct sale that was being held the past week. Thank you! Sincerely, Paul F. Britt President Black inc.

    • Thank you for the very kind words Paul. I am so pleased that so many people had a great experience. It was a wonderful opportunity for me and I couldn’t have done it alone. My staff were all volunteers from around the US and my dear friend Reg was here helping me through the six months of preparation.

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  4. I attended the preview last week. I was blown away by the quanitiy and quality of all of the tools. These are the best of the watchmaking items that come up rarely for sale. I wish I could buy them all. The Harmon family was brilliant in hiring Brittany to oversee the sale. I have never been to any tool sale where the sales person knew so much about the items and knew the appropriate prices for everything. While there may be no steals to be had there are plenty of rare items for everyone at this sale.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words Kevin – it was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to having you back later this week!

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