Settling In – Nov. 14. 2014

I was a bit worried about unloading the trailer once it arrived from Connecticut. Dennis Harmon’s workshop had a loading dock, which enabled us to literally roll the machines using pipes and levers onto the trailer (in most cases).

You may recall this picture of loading the Hauser jig borer.

You may recall this picture of loading the Hauser jig borer.

Fitting everything else onto the trailer was a drawn out game of Tetris. Things were packed tight, between and around all the machinery, but not above chest height for safety. I didn’t want any of the machines to get damaged in case things shifted during the long drive from the East to the West.

Moving things into my new shop ended up being rather painless, even though I don’t have a loading dock. I worked with Nelson Trucking, a local rigging company with a great staff. I had the trailer delivered to their dock – some friends and I unloaded it there onto a U-Haul and then the U-Haul was unloaded at the new shop. The machines stayed behind for delivery using a truck with a lift gate. This made moving them incredibly straightforward. With a couple of 4 x 4 ‘s and a pallet jack it all went quite smoothly. The move in of the machines took less than 2 hours from dock to door.

530am arrival!

530am arrival!


Putting things in their right place

All in and feeling proud.

All in and feeling proud ….and a bit blurry

Now comes a lot of organizing/taking inventory/setting up of the other contents. I’ve been working on just that for the last month. I’m happy to say that the upstairs portion of the workshop is almost there and I’ll be able to start working in a limited capacity soon.

But there's still more to do...

But there’s still a lot more to do…

Dug North’s Mekanikos vs. The Minotaur & a Potential Workshop Space!

Hello all! You may already know of the whimsies created by Dug North, and if you don’t, you’re about to discover some wonderful creations.

Dug North, toy automaton maker turned clockmaker, has decided to sell one of his marvels entitled Mekanikos vs. The Menotaur. See more photos, watch a video, and read about Dug’s process here. It is truly a work of art and clearly took an incredible amount of time, as every single piece is hand-made. It deserves a pedestal in a good home! To learn more about Dug and his work – you can find a link on the side bar under Blogs/Forums entitled “The Automata Blog” or click here.



In other news, I have recently found a potential workshop space. Super excited to see if it pans out.

P1170093 copy



I NEED one of these


This is a miniature lathe made by Manson that actually works. I just want to get a tiny generator and take this tiny lathe on a picnic…. Let’s go to the beach lathe!

Learn more about these miniature lathes here.

(Thanks for the photo Frank and letting me hold this tiny beauty).

Day No.140 – The last month

Those of you who filled out the question form on the Harmon Estate Sale page, your questions have been answered and posted there.

Hello all! This has been quite a journey. The sale is coming up so soon – just a month away now! I think back to when I started this project and it seemed like it could last forever. It’s amazing that it’s almost through. I do hope meet many of you at the sale. Everything in the shop has to go! The sale is over a five-day period with the contents discounted each day. Readers are welcome to use the comment section below to post inquiries about sharing transportation or accommodation.

This collection is unbelievable – seeing it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s been some time since I have posted shop photos – so for your viewing pleasure:

P11603566 P11604111 P11604122 P11604366 P11604211 P11603922 P11603711 P11603799 P11603555P11603422 P11603500 P11603433

Another epic demagnetizer from Bulova

Another epic demagnetizer from Bulova

P11604299 P11602877 P11602866 P11602733 P11602699


The book selection is now organized and priced. We’ve got some rare and amazing things. Books on automata, Patek Philippe, books by Daniels, service manuals for machines and watches, parts catalogues,  literature on tool manufactories and woodworking tool catalogues, and more….

P11603622 P11603644 P11603655P11603666 P11604166 P11604155 P11604144

We have a huge selection of gem quality raw sapphire – sold in varying sized bottles. The diamond lap table that is itself a standard is really something too. It comes with extra diamond wheels in a wood cabinet. We also have a large selection of lapping accessories.

P11603966 P11603988

P11603077 P11603255 P11603166 P11603211 P11603233 P11603222 P11603244 P11603266 P11603155



Day No.109 – Organizing the Crystals

The shop is really coming together and starting to look sharp for the sale. We spent 4 days going through the epic watch crystal collection Dennis had in the basement. They’ve now been organized and sorted in drawers. There are some really amazing bulls eye crystals, super high dome and extra thick. The Bulova factory machines have been moved upstairs and cleaned up. These are some of the most interesting machines I’ve seen in the shop. Here are some photos from this weekend past (please excuse the chipped nail polish – I don’t know why I even bother).

P11507911 P11507866 P11507844 P11508100 P11508155 P11508233 P11508177 P11507711 P11507777 P11507799