All classes at Memoria Technica are hosted or taught by founder Brittany Nicole Cox. Occasionally, she is able to bring together experts in the field to develop unique classes.

Brittany Nicole Cox

Antiquarian Horologist, Proprietor

Brittany Nicole Cox owns and operates Memoria Technica. Her workshop includes a collection of machines from the original Bulova watchmaking factory. Both her Lienhard rose engine and straightline machine were Bulova residents. She is excited to be able to share this heritage craft.

Email me: bcox@mechanicalcurios.com

David Lindow

Master Clockmaker , Lindow Machine Works

David Lindow is a specialist in ornamental and engine turning, as well as a master clockmaker. His workshop fabricates two modern rose engines: the MADE Ornamental Rose Engine and the Lindow Rose Engine Lathe. This work has made David an invaluable international resource for enthusiasts and engine turners alike.

Email me: David@lindowmachineworks.com

Phillip Peck

Master Goldsmith & Watchmaker

With over thirty-five years of experience, Phillip fabricates everything from miniature resonating bells, musical pocket watch mechanisms, and masterworks of jewelry, to other horological objects.

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