Day No.140 – The last month

Those of you who filled out the question form on the Harmon Estate Sale page, your questions have been answered and posted there.

Hello all! This has been quite a journey. The sale is coming up so soon – just a month away now! I think back to when I started this project and it seemed like it could last forever. It’s amazing that it’s almost through. I do hope meet many of you at the sale. Everything in the shop has to go! The sale is over a five-day period with the contents discounted each day. Readers are welcome to use the comment section below to post inquiries about sharing transportation or accommodation.

This collection is unbelievable – seeing it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s been some time since I have posted shop photos – so for your viewing pleasure:

P11603566 P11604111 P11604122 P11604366 P11604211 P11603922 P11603711 P11603799 P11603555P11603422 P11603500 P11603433

Another epic demagnetizer from Bulova

Another epic demagnetizer from Bulova

P11604299 P11602877 P11602866 P11602733 P11602699


The book selection is now organized and priced. We’ve got some rare and amazing things. Books on automata, Patek Philippe, books by Daniels, service manuals for machines and watches, parts catalogues,  literature on tool manufactories and woodworking tool catalogues, and more….

P11603622 P11603644 P11603655P11603666 P11604166 P11604155 P11604144

We have a huge selection of gem quality raw sapphire – sold in varying sized bottles. The diamond lap table that is itself a standard is really something too. It comes with extra diamond wheels in a wood cabinet. We also have a large selection of lapping accessories.

P11603966 P11603988

P11603077 P11603255 P11603166 P11603211 P11603233 P11603222 P11603244 P11603266 P11603155



Old & New

I was recently offered the post of finishing the work I began on the 1765 George Pyke clock at Temple Newsam House I mentioned in a previous blog entry. You can read about it here.

George Pyke clock, automata, automaton, clockmaking, watchmaking, brittany cox, nico cox, temple Newsam House, Ian fraser


Unfortunately this old path is not the future path. It was extremely difficult to set aside my feelings of attachment to this project and the desire to finish what I started. As previously mentioned, three years of prep work, grant applications, research, and multiple visits to assess the condition went into putting the proposal together that I presented to West Dean. I owe so much to Ian Fraser, the head Conservator at Temple Newsam, for all of his hard work and support on this project.

George Pyke clock, automata, automaton, clockmaking, watchmaking, brittany cox, nico cox, temple Newsam House, Ian fraser


The reason my path has changed course is the following: I have been offered the opportunity of handling the estate of the late horologist Dennis E. Harmon. A friend of George Daniels, and a man who did everything in the old way, making his own pigments from scratch for his enameling work and grinding raw diamonds down for polishing powders. His workshop is painted with the original green paint from the (long closed) Bulova watchmaking factory. This man was one of the Greats and is missed by many. He is the best friend, tutor, and all around most amazing person I never met.

Dennis E. Harmon

Dennis E. Harmon

From what I understand, Dennis and his brother were a force to be reckoned with – traveling to auctions far and wide, buying up anything and everything horological. If the Harmon Brothers showed, you were out of luck.

His workshop includes, but is not limited to the following:

A Rose Engine

A Straight-Line Engine

Schaublin 70 + all accessories

Schaublin 102 + all accessories

Schaublin 120 + all accessories


Profile Projectors

Watchmakers lathes + accessories

Scientific Instruments

And everything else you might ever wish for you in your most decadent horological dreams

Here are some photos:

IMG_3208 IMG_3174 IMG_3195 IMG_3185 IMG_3231 IMG_3246

In addition there are old wooden tool chests filled to the brim, bulls eye crystals, industrial benches + light fixtures + cabinets, books, and more.
I have been hired to catalogue and sell off the shop. Stay tuned for updates and a catalogue that will be uploaded on an additional page with price lists and items for sale. There will be a series of onsite sales later this year. Get in touch if you’re interested, but more information will be coming soon. I will be relocating temporarily to the East Coast to handle the estate. I aim to return to Seattle by the summer with many wonderful additions to my workshop.
Today is day 1 on the job. Hello New York; it’s nice to see you again.