Trade Catalogues 1542 To 1842




Published 1989.

Buckram hard cover casebound, archival heavy coated paper, 404 pages, 86 full color and 616 black and white illustrations. History of trade catalogs, covering furniture, magic, textiles, scientific instruments, books, prints, hardware, agricultural equipment and tools, flowers and plants, Franklin stoves, etc. Extensive New biography of John Wyke, originator of the modern trade catalog in the 1750s. Reprints of five catalogs; John Cuff 17 43 Microscopes; James Sharp 1776 Agriculture; offering many types pf farming equipment and wagons; Anon. 1797 Drawing instruments; G. & W. Proctor 1815 Opticians, showing all manner of optical instruments; and Wm. & Samuel Butcher’s 28 page 1841 catalog with some 200 Sheffield woodworking tools in beautiful full color. Bibliography and Index. (-12.5″x 9.5″x 1.2″)

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