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Photographs of Stimson Green by Nathan Tain

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Lecture No. 4

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 


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Mechanical Mysteries 

The Maillardet Automaton: Andrew Baron

Stimson Green Mansion

6:15PM  – 9:00PM





Andrew Baron will trace the unconventional path that led him from paper-engineering pop-up books and his role as a consultant for Brian Selznick’s New York Times Best Seller The Invention of Hugo Cabret, to an invitation by The Franklin Institute to repair the legendary Maillardet automaton. The Maillardet automaton was a key inspiration for Brian’s book, which in turn provided the foundation for Martin Scorsese’s Academy Award-winning film Hugo. Andrew will share his first hand account of this fascinating adventure with detailed photographs and footage of the Maillardet mechanism in action. He will discuss the process behind solving some of the automaton’s mechanical mysteries, and reveal others that after more than two centuries lost, are only now coming to light.



Andrew Baron is a paper engineer and clockmaker in Santa Fe New Mexico. His interest in antiquated technologies began at an early age and flourished over time. When opportunity struck to become involved in the project of a lifetime, working with the famous Maillardet automaton, Andrew entered the world of horology and never looked back. 






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