Memoria Technica Workshop Quarterly Zine

This is a small handmade booklet produced four times a year here at the workshop. My hope is that as subscriptions increase, I’ll be able to add more to the zine and maybe raise some money for some of my larger aspirations, such as the Horological Lecture Series. My hope is that the zine will help spread the love of all things horological and in doing so, ground the trade more firmly in the minds of those tasked with its preservation. All of us are stewards.

The topics will include old workshop recipes, antique tools, horological related facts and stories, magic tricks, featured conservation work, engine turning, and more.

If you’d like to be on the mailing list, please subscribe here for $5 per issue, published 4 times a year. The next issue of our short run workshop magazine (zine) is in the works! This small hand made booklet containing conservation projects, featured objects, magic tricks, and other horological related facts and stories will soon be arriving to those with a subscription soon!

Here are some photos of the very first very small issue I released last summer.