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Dennis E. Harmon Estate

From December 17th 2013 through July 17th 2014 I worked in a small town in Connecticut. I was given the opportunity of a life time – to handle the estate of horologist Dennis Harmon. This was no ordinary job. In short, I traded labor and resources in organizing the sale of the shop contents for a workshop of my own. It was the only way I saw that I could acquire the tools and machinery needed to do my work. You can read my first post about when I began this adventure here. It was a very long and difficult 7 months, but well worth it and it served as an eduction in itself. I kept a detailed log during my time there – which I may elect to share one of these days. Radiolab covered the project – you can read about it here.

In going through his workshop, I got to know Dennis in a very strange and intimate way. I regret that I never met him. The world lost more than a man in Dennis Harmon. His knowledge was immense and skills almost incomparable. The workshop was just an echo of him, and it was one of the most fascinating places I have ever had the privilege to step foot in.

Dennis in his early 20's
Dennis in his early 20’s