Come join us this March 2017 ! We are now offering three levels of classes on Engine Turning. 

Learn about our teachers here. See photos from previous classes here.

Classes are held at the Memoria Technica Workshop in Seattle Washington. Each class spans two days from 9am – 5pm with a lunch break. Due to small students numbers, our classes offer one on one tutor feedback and optimal machine time.

Learn this fascinating craft on two early 20th century machines from the original Bulova watchmaking factory – a Lienhard rose engine and straightline machine. You’ll also have access to the workshop library – with many books on the practice of ornamental and engine turning. We also welcome inquiries for private classes in groups of up to 10 people and can accommodate most specialized projects.

Beginners Engine Turning | Tutor: Brittany Nicole Cox ($400) | Limited to 4 Students | March 2nd & 3rd | March 5th & 6th

This class aims to provide students with a basic understanding of engine turning, set up, and simple pattern development. Whether students are looking into watch dials, jewelry, or are just curious about guilloché work in general, this class offers a good foundation. Most students leave with at least one finished project, such as a writing pen or pendant, and a set of guilloché medallions with different patterns.

 Sign up for March 2nd & 3rd here.    |    (1 spot left)  Sign up for March 5th & 6th here

Engine Turning II | Tutors: Brittany Nicole Cox + David Lindow($600) | Limited to 6 Students | March 12th & 13th | March 16th & 17th

This class is designed for those with a rudimentary knowledge of engine turning or guilloché work.  It will include lessons on surface preparation, demonstrate integration of divergent patterns, how to work with borders, laying out work that requires more than one center, and other advanced concepts. Whether you are interested in making watch dials, jewelry, pens, or decorative arts this class will further your understanding and skills.  The projects will vary depending on the students interest, and the course will take a hands on approach.  This class allows the use of an elliptical chuck and other attachments. Each student will leave with at least one completed project.

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Engine Turning III | Tutors: Brittany Nicole Cox + David Lindow ($600) | Limited to 6 Students | March 19th & 20th

This class picks up where Engine Turning II left off. You’ll have the opportunity to use a Hauser Jig borer, Schaublin lathes, and a lathe mounted microscope to layout and execute your patterns and projects. We are excited to have some new pattern bars for the straightline machine to try out in this class!

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Let us know beforehand of any special material requests you have so we can accommodate your interests.

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