Day no.97 – The Dark Room

I forgot to mention that Dennis was also an amazing photographer (surprise, surprise – will his amazing list of talents never end????!). The last room we still have to go through is his elaborate dark room, filled with antique cameras and photo equipment. Here are some photos of it:

P11503588 P11503600



Yesterday I found a few lovely family photos taken during the early days of the work shop.



I also found a vast collection of jars containing raw sapphire, agate, and ruby. This must be the stash I have heard so much about that he used for making jewels from scratch.



Here are more photos of other items in the shop. A surplus of collets of every size and make (a few small sets and many singles), a cabinet containing almost every type and size screw imaginable, and some microscope and machine parts/accessories.

P11503400 P11503399 P11503333 P11503344 P11503388 P11503377 P11503444 P11503544 P11503322