Getting Ready for June!

We are on track for the June sale! We will be advertising a large workshop/estate sale that will take place over 5 days. This past week we have been getting things squared away in the basement. Now that we have been through the contents of the shop, comes the task of final organizing, cleaning items, and setting up the big sale. During this time, I’ll be focusing on photo requests and putting together a few catalogues with all the larger machinery for sale, which will all be available for download.

Here are some photos of items that will be available at the on site sales. We have so many beautiful watchmaking tools in excellent working condition in original boxes. Those pictured here show a small fraction of what is available. A few of these items will soon be listed for sale on Ebay and ETSY.

P11406777 P11406822 P11406744 P11406677 P11400488 P11400300 P11500677 P11500722 P1150081 P11501766 P1150093 P1150095 P1150182 P1150117 P1150148