High Accuracy Drill Sharpeners

These two drill sharpeners can either be sold as a set or separately. They come with a large variety of dressing/sharpening wheels. Both have an attached light and loop.

P1130650 P1130645 P1130646

P1130652 P1130656


Safag Pinion Cutter

THIS ITEM HAS SOLD, but we do have another that is not yet ready for sale. Details to come.

The Safag pinion cutter comes with an extensive latch plate set, microscope and a few other attachments. It is in excellent working condition.

P1130732 P1130738 P1130730 P1130737 P1130736 P1130735 P1130733 P1130734

Screw Threading Machine

Today there will be a few featured items posted separately. The first up is the screw threading machine with gearing and cutters for both right and left hand thread. It’s in excellent working condition.

P1130745 P1130740 P1130753 P1130752 P1130750 P1130749